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Hari Katha Programs in South Florida
Institute for Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Sripad Bhaktivedanta Padmanabha Swami and Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Swami
visits South Florida June, 2008 

The IGV S. Florida Sanga has had a plethera of Sadhu sanga this past six months with visits from Srila Gurudeva for three months, B.V. Madhava Maharaja, B.V. Padmanabha Maharaja, B.V. Tridandi Maharaja, B.V. Suddhadvaiti Maharaja, B.V. Bhagavat Maharaja and others have graced the devotee's with Sadhu Sanga and Hari Katha... The Sanga sponsors programs each Sunday at one of the members homes and often holds multiple programs during the week. Please check with Mahabuddhi dasa for weekly program schedules...


Radha and Krishna

email: mbuddhi@bellsouth.net   tel: 754-245-2345