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Srila Gurudeva visits S. Florida for three weeks...

May-June 2008
Srila Gurudeva spends three weeks in S. Florida on a writing retreat to translate and comment on the 10th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam, which should be available to readers next year. Srila Gurudeva spent his time at the homes of Raghunath dasa in Miami Beach and Raghunath dasa and Sasikala dasi of Pembroke Pines, and requested that a book be published from the questions and answers he gave during his visit to S. Florida...



SRILA Gurudeva, Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja, the current Acharya of Gaudiya Vaishnavism,  visited the IGV Nama Hatta Sanga  and held devotional programs sponsored by the IGV in sponsoring two Hari Katha festivals one in 2003 and one in 2006 ms were attended by 400- 500 visitors and devotees!!!  It was a wonderfull program and Srila Narayan Maharaja gave his mercy to all who attended.

77+ South Florida Devotee's take Hari Nama, Diksa and Siksa initiation from Srila Gurudeva since 2004  The IGV is proud that 70+ devotees have taken initiation into Spritual life by Srila Gurudeva from South Florida . The following devotee's have taken Hare Nama, Diksa and Siksa initiation...
Hare Nama initiation:
Anuradha dasi (Miramar) Anuradha dasi (Miami Beach), Anuradha dasi (Miami), Damodara Dasa (Miramar), Ragalekha dasi (Boca Raton), Premavilasa dasa (Miramara), Jamuna dasi (Miramara), Mahasimha dasa (Coral Springs), Madhusudana dasa (Miami Beach), Lasika dasi (Miami Beach), Shyamla dasi (Pembroke Pines), Dayal Nitai dasa (Pembroke Pines), Madan Mohan dasa (Miami), Falara dasi (Ft. Lauderdale), Indu Mati dasi (Miami Beach), Indu Bhusana dasa (Coral Springs), Nityananda dasa (now in California), Dhira Govinda dasa, Chandra Mukhi dasi, Yasoda dasi (Deerfield Beach), Adilila dasa, (Miami), Ghanasyama dasa (Ft. Lauderdale), Prem dasa, (Houston), Rohininandana dasa (N.Miami Beach),
Diksa initiation:
: Raghunatha dasa, Sashikala dasi (Pembroke Pines), Vasudeva dasa, Kamala dasi (Hollywood), Janardan dasa (Miami Beach), Radhanath dasa, Nandini dasi (Miramar), Sadana dasa (N.Miami Beach), Jayadeva dasa (Lauderdale Lakes), Yasoda dasi (Miami), Balabhadra dasa (N. Lauderdale), Chaitanya dasa (Boynton Beach), Krishna dasa (N. Lauderdale) Sumitra dasi (Coconut Creek), Jagannath dasa, (Miramar), Balarama dasa, (Miramar),Beharilal dasa (Oakland Park), Damodara Priya dasi (Oakland Park), Devavrata dasa,(Coconut Creek), Sridhara dasa (Guyana),)Caru Chandrika dasi (California), Kaunteya dasa (Miami), Ananda dasa (Sarasota), Malati dasi (Kendall), Radhalekha dasi, Sudarsana dasa (Orlando), Laxsman dasa (Trinidad), Sudevi Sundari dasi (Alachua), Radhika dasi (Miami), Usha dasi (Lauderdale Lakes), Ujiva dasa (Miami), Vishnu dasa (West Palm Beach), Damodara dasa wife, son and daughter (Deerfield Beach), Govinda dasa (Miami), Udharana dasa, (Miami), Sunanda dasa, Banumati dasi and daughter, (Coral Springs)
Siksa initiation:
Lilanath dasa (Miami) Radhasyam dasa (Hialeah), Bopadeva dasa (Coral Springs), Chaitanyadeva dasa (Miami), Jayadhvaja dasa (Miami),Chinmaya dasa (Wellington), Prahladanath dasa, wife, son and daughter (Miami), Raghunath dasa (Miami Beach), Isa dasa (Alachua), Krparama dasa, (Brasil), Mahabuddhi dasa, (Coral Springs)

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Florida Vedic College was recently granted "Full Accreditation" by the National Private Schools Association Group. The Accreditation Alliance upgraded the College from Provisionally Accredited to fully Accredited in May of 2000.

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